recent vinyl

there is no greater joy than searching a $1 vinyl bin….items acquired….trini lopez and the animals


its just a little to early for Abba

that is what i used to have to say to my dad on sunday mornings.  often the musical sounds of abba would be blaring from the kitchen.  at the time i felt it was torture but lately i’ve caught myself listening to the swedish band when needing a little cheering up.  funny oh the music that once was so revolting now adds a smile to my face.

this is how my neighborhood rolls…..


i wish!  that would be awesome to have chuck brown jamming outside his garage next door.  funny lately he has been popping up on from “all songs considered: tiny desk concert” to “american roots” and last friday chuck brown being the godfather of gogo music (gogo music ain’t no girl dancing in white boots.  its actually a unique type of funk that developed in the D.C. area) was discussed on “science friday.”

“i saw your sweet face”

my sister dreamt this is what paul mccartney said to her after attending his concert.  don’t we all wish we could of had this dream.  yesterday we spent the afternoon listening to paul while drinking champagne, this is how i roll.  albums listened to included “mccartney,” “hey jude,” and “revolver”.  discussion topics included whether linda mccartney actually enjoyed being in the band wings and did paul ever really notice she couldn’t really play an instrument, how linda got her job at rolling stone, who’s manison is on the cover of the “hey jude” album, how ringo pulled off the bad-ass rocker image on the album the best and john just looked like he was trying a tad too hard.

count the chucks


sometimes i’ll play this game with friends who are bored on tour, where ever they are i have them count how many pairs of chuck taylors they see, i do the same, the person with the highest count wins.  looks like converse just now realized they have played an influential role in the music scene for oh say since the invention of rock-n-roll.

check out this article that was in the new york times this weekend. i have mixed emotions about it

“looking to a sneaker for a band’s big break”

new vinyl

yesterday new vinyl purchases were made.  i didn’t know exactly what i was after i just knew i wanted good whiskey drinking music for the afternoon.  purchases ended up being jerry lee lewis & linda gail lewis: together, neil diamond’s tap root manuscript, and paul simon’s still crazy after all these years





















crash pad

for the past couple of years i have opened my home to touring bands, providing them with a floor to crash on when they are in the kc area.  despite all the folk lore about the behavior of bands on tour i have discovered in exchange for a clean towel, a couch to sleep on, or a cup of coffee in the morning, the bands will put you on the guest list perhaps buy you a beer or even take out your trash.  one of my favorite perks is when they cook for you.  i always send a touring band on the road with a fresh batch of homemade cookies and now i’m starting to get home made goods in return.  case in point this week i received a jar of homemade spaghetti sauce from the band light pollution.  oh what wonderful creation shall i make with it?

papa nick’s pasta sauce


scion garage fest–shows i hit up and pics

sex beet–jackpot, white wires–jackpot, cloud nothings–granada, best coast–liberty hall, hunx & his punx–granada, king khan & the shrines–bottleneck

white wires

cloud nothings

best coast

hunx and his punx

king khan and the shrines

note-worthy shows for october

oct 1:   soft reeds (record bar- kc, mo)

oct 2:  scion garage fest (lawrence, ks)

oct 3:  king khan and the shrines (2720 cherokee- st. louis, mo), local natives (blue note-columbia, mo)

oct 4:  wye oak (bottleneck-lawrence, ks), max justus (record bar-kc, mo)

oct 5:  light pollution (czar bar-kc, mo), motoboater (riot room-kc, mo)

oct 6:  pokey lafarge (off broadway-stl, mo), the bootheel (outland-springfield, mo)

oct. 11:  the defibulators (off broadway-stl, mo)

oct. 13:  margot and the nuclear so & so (firebird-stl, mo)

oct. 15:  langhorne slim (off broadway-stl, mo)

oct. 16:  todd snider (bottleneck-lawrence, ks)

oct. 19:  the walkmen (bottleneck-lawrence, ks), the dropout boogie (record bar-kc, mo)

oct. 21:  the calamity cubes (riot room-kc, mo)

oct. 23:  entrance band (riot room-kc, mo), big smith with that damn Sasquatch (bottleneck-lawrence, ks)

oct. 29:  the goodfoot (knuckleheads-kc, mo)

oct. 30:  the boogeymen (knuckleheads-kc,mo), tech n9ne (uptown-kc,mo), frontier ruckus (bottleneck-lawrence, ks)

oct. 31:  joan of arc (jackpot-lawrence, ks), electric six (firebird-stl, mo)

god bless free music